Podiatry Services Available at Total Physio Group

A Podiatry consultation will start with a discussion of the history of your presenting issue. This will be followed by a full assessment of the architecture and mechanical behaviour of your feet to understand how they interact with the environment and if movement patterns may be influencing pain or injury.

As part of your assessment, our Podiatrist will appraise your current footwear and shoe insert. We have the latest Gait Analysis technology, and this can be used within your assessment to identify biomechanical structures which need support or adaptation.

The Podiatrist will then discuss their findings with you and agree upon the best management strategy to help alleviate your symptoms and achieve your goals.

Our team are experienced in:

  • Foot orthoses prescription
  • Footwear advice
  • Running technique modification and adaptation.
  • Taping & Strapping
  • Diabetes Management and Advice
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