Exercise Physiology Services Available at Total Physio Group

Exercise physiologists analyse their patients’ fitness in order to help them improve or maintain good health. They support patients with heart disease and other chronic conditions, like diabetes or pulmonary (lung) disease, to regain their health and fitness. Our practitioners work with both amateur and professional athletes who are hoping to boost their performance.

Many of our Exercise Physiologists also have post-graduate education in Occupational Health fields and are experts in managing and maintaining optimum health with the industrial workplace. Our Exercise Physiologists regularly complete Job Task Evaluations and Pre-Employment tests for our large corporate clients. We can construct and complete Manual Handling training and “Safe-Spine” talks to empower your workplace to work in a safer, more educated way, reducing injuries and lost-time injury statistics.

Using stress tests and other evaluation tools, the exercise physiologist evaluates a patient’s cardiovascular function and metabolism and then designs a fitness plan that will meet the patient’s goals and/or needs, including building endurance and strength and increasing fitness and flexibility. Our ESSA certified exercise physiologists are trained to:

  • Administer exercise stress tests in healthy and unhealthy populations
  • Evaluate a person’s overall health, with special attention to cardiovascular function and metabolism
  • Develop individualized exercise prescriptions to increase physical fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Design customized exercise programs to meet health care needs and athletic performance goals
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