We are always looking for the very best non-clinical staff to add value to our business. This may be locally at one of our clinics or centrally as part of our management team. We are continually searching for high achievers in:

The Total Physio Group is committed to excellence in patient care. To this end, evidence-based practice is of the highest importance. The Total Physio Group has a structured Professional Development Program that involves both clinical and business topics in physiotherapy for private practice. This ensures that all staff remain up to date with the latest clinical evidence-based practice and business systems in physiotherapy. This ensures a smooth transition from university to private practice. Our program’s are structured so that education continueson a weekly basis. This includes:

  • Relevant physiotherapy topics
  • Role play and dummy consultations
  • Article reviews
  • Marketing and sales skills
  • Business development for private practice

We also seek to attract motivated and enthusiastic final year physiotherapy students from all universities to complete their musculoskeletal practical training.

Our aim is to place junior New Graduate team members within a safe and nurturing environment. We aim to place them with more experienced clinicians locally who they can develop from and learn with on a regular basis. We also provide mentorship with our clinical directors and regional clinical managers to ensure you get input from more senior off-site clinicians.

We have built up a network of clinicians who specialise in a multitude of different areas. This means that you get the benefits of learning form a wide-range of off-site practitioners in everything from Occupational Rehabilitation, to pitch-site sport care. If there is anarea you wish to develop in, we will ensure that you get the support from the most appropriate practitioner to develop in your area of choice.

At Total Physio Group, we don’t want average team members. If you are looking for an easy job, where you are happy giving average care to your clients, turning up and providing a service and leaving, you need not apply.

We are looking for people who want to make a difference in their client’s lives. People who are enthusiastic and determined in what they want, who give everything to each client.Providing an accurate diagnosis, and care plan for each client outlining how long it will take to get better, and what it takes to get there. We believe in appropriate follow up for our clients, so they feel valued and cared for, and are not just a number.

We are also looking for team members who want to become a part of the business long term. Team members who understand how business works and how important it is to help develop the overall company.

We have numerous avenues for business development if they are interested and actively encourage them to increase their role within the organisation.

Total Physio Group has a structured Professional Development Set up which ensures our staff stay up-to-date and at the top of their profession.

We provide internal professional development, along with support for external professional development with external courses.

Internal Professional Development:

1:1 Clinical Education

Each clinician has a fortnightly 1:1 with a Senior Clinical Therapist of their profession. This time is setup to allow the clinician to discuss any clinical issues, questions, or problems they may have with their caseload. This may be a clinical, or non-clinical question which requires discussion. We believe that even at Senior Level, therapists work best when they can clinically reason and discuss cases with other professionals.

Journal Club

Journal Club is also fortnightly and occurs across clinics, with all clinical staff present via Zoom Meeting. Each fortnight, a clinician takes responsibility for presenting a research paper which they believe will change their clinical practice. They analyse and critique this paper before presenting it to the organisation for discussion.

External Course Presentations

We want our entire team to benefit from every course someone goes on externally. Therefore, when someone in our organisation goes on a course, we want them to present their notes and findings from this course to the rest of our team. We can’t all go on every course therefore this gives snapshots into hundreds of courses every year which will give our team the tools to stay at the top of their game.

Performance Reviews

Each month we complete a Performance Review with each team member. This is a snapshot of your performance statistics over the previous month. We want our clinicians to develop clinically, as well as from a business perspective. As the organisation grows, we want our team to grow too and we want you to be an active part of that process. By understanding and seeing how their Key Performance Indicators match up to the business goals will help them achieve and develop as clinicians.

External Professional Development:

We actively encourage our team members to attend external courses to improve their clinical skills. In more experienced practitioners also encourage them to attend courses which helps develop their management and non-clinical skills. Each clinician will receive an allocated budget per annum to spend on courses they wish to attend.

Dependent on your location of practice, you may also be eligible for government grants of up to $10,000 to fund further professional development. This is something which can be discussed with you if you become an active member of our team.

Education Loans:

If members of our team want to participate in lengthier professional development such as Masters courses or Diplomas, we may be able to offer you an education loan to support you in your study. The terms of this can be discussed and worked out in this is an avenue you wish to explore.

Total Physio Group are an approved business sponsor for overseas employees.

We can offer sponsorship to employees with the relevant experience and qualifications to work in Australia. We are experienced at providing sponsorship to overseas candidates and can provide advice and support throughout this process.

If an overseas candidate wishes to apply for a position with Total Physio Group, please contact us with your Resume/CV and cover letter.

If successful, we can guide you through the process and provide timescale and cost estimates for completing the process. This is largely a two-staged approach: Firstly, becoming registered with the relevant medical body in Australia, such as AHPRA, and secondly, obtaining your visa to give you living and working rights within Australia.

Total Physio Group can provide overseas candidates with Permanent Residency Visa’s if they have been working for our organisation for over 2 years and wish to stay in Australia for a longer period.

The Directors of Total Physio Group have a strong desire to add value to your employment and know that the right team is our greatest asset. We are always trying to improve the benefits available as a team member and are devoted to making your time with us an opportunity to improve in your chosen career and life.

The Benefits of being part of the Total Physio Group Team:

  • Development of leadership skills
  • Access to the following publications
  • APA Magazine
  • Network Magazine
  • IDEA Business
  • Business Magazine
  • A thorough library of health, fitness, motivational, self-improvement, business and marketing books, audios and videos
  • Workplace professional training programs – in-service training and external training
  • Opportunities for career development within the Total Physio Group structure and beyond
  • Opportunity to help develop and grow new systems and protocols – put your mark on the company
  • Opportunity to introduce new developments and advanced techniques to a developing town
  • Ability to express your personality and develop your strengths with team support
  • Complimentary treatment by other practitioners
  • Discounted services for a friend or family member
  • Additional ways to supplement your income
  • Commission on product sales
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Random Target Bonuses
  • We also include incentives for going the extra mile with clients and other team members


  • Complimentary Spa Treatments
  • Meals
  • Team Dinners
  • Weekend getaways
  • VIP rates to affiliated fitness centers
  • Access to VIP banking rates at affiliate bank
  • The learning experience of running a business up close
  • Personal Development through the empowerment of decision making, working in a team environment, being customer service focused and part of an organization that strives for success.
  • Senior Administrators
  • Administrators:
  • We want to attract the very best administrators to our organisation.
  • Business Development Managers
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